Hello everybody!!!
I'm a spanish native speaker and i've ever been interested on english. I love it! I guess it quite different from spanish but every day i put on it my best...

The instance is that i've been having trouble speaking, i'd like to receive kind of suggestions/advices about it.

Beforehand, i often see english-spoken tv programs, i read a lot of english frequently, but i still feel afraid of speaking, when i have the chance "I FORGET ALL THE WORDs, COLLOQUIAL SENTENSES, PREPOSITIONS, PHRASAL VERBs, among others" (i guess i'm exaggerating a little bit so take just 60% of that).

I feel pretty scared of getting wrong while i'm speaking... besides i don't have much people to practice with.

Any suggestion?????
thanks in advance...
Emotion: batDear Huqolopez
I'm Vic,from China.i find your english is very good,,is excellent, so don't be lose your heart.in fact, i have the same question as you,i can understand english which chinese speak,but a little hard to understand speak by foreigner,how about you?about the oral english,i think it's a common weekness among the non english speak country,isn' it?now,we have found our weekness,so we should improve it,don't worry,don't scare of getting wrong while you speaking,,you should believe yourself,you are good,,your english are really excellent,,be comfidient!!!.come on,!,let's do it together,i think we can speak a fluent english.
Hello Vic:

Thanks for replying...

About understanding foreign english i suggest you might watch tv programs where whether british or american english is spoken... in addition, you could put closed-caption on your DVD movies in order to read the content of the spoken speech (obviously, closed caption in english), though you shouldn't be supposed to read anything but trying to understand the context and later the overall...

Do you know about any voice-chat in order to get connected and practice some english?
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It is so easy to learn english. I know it may seem hard, but just focus and be confident about it. Soy dominicana y americana. But, english is my native language but i also know a lot of spanish because my abeula dont speak english so i have to speak it everytime i talk to her. The reason im not writting in spanish is because i want to test your english skills.
Hey hugo, your english is actually pretty good. You have a few grammar mistakes, but other than that its not so bad. Don't worry too much about it, after all it is a hard language to learn, and you'll catch on if you keep trying.