GHOTI spells fish. Tell me how/why! Emotion: smile Enjoy

Another one from my grandpa. Sadly I have a few... Grandpa brings a new one to the table each year at christmas. The whole family struggles with it while we eat.
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I know the ghoti riddle but I don't want to spoil the fun...
The correct spelling is "ghotiugh".
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No its not!




gh o ti pronounced as you would pronounce the bold letters spells FISH!
Or another explanation

G-H has a "f" sound, as in laugh.
O has an "i" sound, as in women.
T-I has a "sh" sound, as in vacation.

Which spells "fish" [:^)]
Nice one... Emotion: smile
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OHHH... really should have caught this one, seeing as I've read the one that's below before -

PHTHOLOGNYRRH spells "Turner". Chew on it.

- Joy
Ok... I give up... Emotion: big smile
yrhh = er sound as in the word myrrh
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