Hi all girls there,
my topic is about " monthly period of girl" "menstruation". So I would like to know about the bad mood feeling during that situation of girl, it is so terrible Emotion: sad , I know most girls have that change!. Well, what can we do to be in better mood?
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Eat chocolateEmotion: smile
Me, too....Eat A LOT OF chocolate Emotion: wink
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I eat chocolate, but, eating a lot!! mmmmmmmm the nice body will be bad.
here is a wikipedia page all about PMS

Eat black - or is it PLAIN ? - chocolate! Not too many calories, and a lot of good stuff in it! (magnesium)
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for me is: staying in my bed, with a good book
Not a bad idea either, Sharann! What do you read?
chocalate is great to eat but I can't eat too much or my excellent body.
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