In the case of a robbery, a robber ordered the customers to give him all the money they had. How would one propose such an order appropriately?

Would you say:
One of the robbers cried," This is a robbery. Take all of your wealthy things out."

Please advice and once again, many thanks for helping! T_T
It is hard to know what the robbers would say, we haven't robbed anybody before Emotion: stick out tongueEmotion: stick out tongue
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"Wealthy" is an adjective applied only to persons.

Robbers would probably say:

"Hand over your valuables"
"Give me your money [and watches and rings, etc]"

The thing is, though, that thieves are unlikely to obey the rules of grammar or courtesy, so what they would say would be very crude and offensive. Probably more like:

"Gimme ya @#$%& money ya @#***%!"


Thank you very much for the detailed explanation. ^o^