The Canterville Ghost is one of Oscar Wilde's ghost story. The story is about Mr.Hiram Otis,the American ambassador that bought an old house Canterville Chase. Everyone knew that was a ghost in the house but Mr.Otis did not care. He went to live there with his wife, his son Washington, his daughter Miss Virginia and his two naughty twins. There were too much things happened since the family live there. The blood stain that had cleaned away appeared again, a terrible old man with heavy chains hanging from his wrists and ankles and many more. All that happened were the plans of the ghost in order to frighten the family. But all his plans failed. The family did not frighten at all. The twins always fail his plans. Sometimes, the twins strached string across the the corridor to make him fall in dark. Once the twins put butter on the floor and the ghost slipped on it badly. All these made him so angry and he wants revenge. However, his last try had failed too. Then, the ghost was quiet. Everyone thought the ghost had gone away. One day, Virginia had a conversation with the ghost. After that,the ghost made plans to appear to Virginia's boyfriend, the young Duke of Cheshire but the ghost was too scared of the twins. The ghost asked Virginia to follow him to the Garden of Death. He asked for Virginia's help to open the doors of the house of Death because love always with her. After Virginia came back, she led her family to the secret opening in the staircase. They have found the skeleton of the ghost and then they had buried them. Mr.Otis did not allowed anyone of his family to keep the jewels that had been given to Virginia before the ghost went away. In the end, Virginia was married to Duke of Cheshire and live there happily. The ghost made she saw what Life is,what Death means and why Love is stronger than life or death. I found this books both exciting and thrilling. Those who love mystery will enjoy this story. The language is simple and easy to understand.This book is highly recommended for children and adults.
1) Use paragraphs.

2) Check your verbs.
it's really good 😊