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What does the underlined words mean in this context?

Bob is really excited about next year at the University, which starts in two weeks! But his parents just dropped a bombshell: he is going to have to buy all of his own clothes for the fall semester. (And this is NOT a virtual university!) Oh no, he's never paid for his own clothes! And he really wants more of his favorite blue jeans (whose brand shall be nameless since we don't want to give plugs, but it does start with L and end with 501). Well, at least he knows his own tastes!

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to advertise for someone
since we don't want to give plugs

could also have been (with plug as a verb)

since we don't want to plug products.

To plug is to mention with the intent of advertising, hoping others will buy the product mentioned.

So the clause in question means since we don't want to do advertising (for specific products).

Of course the humor of the passage comes later when enough clues are given so that the reader knows exactly what the product is -- Levi 501's (the 501 style of jeans manufactured by the Levi company).