Hello. Could anyone explain to me what the expression "give the vapors" mean?

I think it means to make someone fume about something, but I'm not sure.

I found the expression in an article that discusses the political life of Tony Blair, and the expression was found in the following sentence: But Blair was nobody's poodle. He and Bill Clinton had a near falling-out over the issue of gorund troops. (Blair was prepared to contemplate a ground invasion of Kosove, and idea that gave Clinton's team the vapors.)

Please help, and thanks a lot in advance.
Back in Victorian times, when women wore very constricting clothing, they were prone to fainting. This (at least in literature) was often induced by shock - be it bad news or bad manners.
Such fainting was referred to as "having the vapours".
Colloquially, it means to give someone a shock - enough to make them faint - but it is always used figuratively.

It means to overwhelm or make someone overcome with emotion. Nervousness, dizziness, etc.... Think of the feeling you get when you have to give a speech in front of a large crowd. That's enough to give anyone "the vapors".