Hi guys,

Can you please help me with understanding of the next situation? A man with his new bride just moved into their new house. But that woman ( who seems to be the writer ) is hearing there strange noices, like from the ghosts. Anyway that man doesn't believe her. He said:

Man: You know, you should save all that imagination for your writing. I don't know how you hear anything with the racket that typewriter makes anyway. (no problem, of course)

Wife: None of it's any good.(no problem, of course)

Man: Give yourself a chance(?????). And promise me you won't let a few bumps scare you....( and leaves the scene )....

Please guys what does this phrase mean? I always heard "give yourself a chance to do something"..., but what is the meaning of this phrase when "to" is missing?

many thanks for help.

Best Regards

Give yourself a chance [to settle into this new house, and mayve find out what these noises might be]

All that is understood from the context.
Thank you Feebs.