Given my history with Jim, we should be able to get a good deal.

What's the meaning of given here? What word/phrase would you replace given with and still retain its meaning?

Thanks! By the way, I think my question is grammatically incorrect. Could you help me rephrase it?
given = because of
given = knowing

Your question is fine, but you could also have written:

What word or phrase would you substitute for given and still retain its meaning?

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Thanks, CalifJim. To me, substitute and replace are always interchangable. I could be wrong.
No, you're not wrong. It's just that I find replace ___ with ___ a little more awkward in a question because the object of with is fronted to become the question word. On the other hand, the object of for in substitute __ for __is conveniently where it "should" be. Emotion: smile

What do we replace X with?
What do we substitute for X?

(I think you know already that replace X with Y is substitute Y for X.)

Thank you, CalifJim. Another interesting rule Emotion: smile
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