I have a terrible sense of direction and I always get lost. I always go to the wrong places at the wrong times. Can you help me by telling which simple instructions I should use so as not to get lost. Thanks.
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I have the same problem. I get lost even in my own neighbourhood. It's kind of sad.
The other day I was waiting for my daughter in the garden and I got lost too.
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I couldn't find my way back.
if you are so confused when following directions, i suggest you make all of your appointments at your own home and have others come to you... provided your place is not too difficult to find!
That's not a bad idea.
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The lack of a change of scenery would get really frustrating after a while, no?
positive. Extremely boring. Any interesting suggestions? We could go on playing catty, catty mousey, mousey for ages. I know you how much pleasure you take in playing these stupid little games.
I have no idea what you're on about... but I sure it must be interesting and very well thought out.
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