Only 3 questions:

Have you ever heard?

a) Go along until you pass a Mc Donalds. Two doubts with this sentences. Should he write? Go along........St until you ........ (along + street).

Is it correct to use pass? Because I always see the word "past" when giving instructions..."

b) Someone said "If you want to go the the Post office you have to pass the supermarket". Is it correct? Shouldn´t he say If you........., you have to go past the supermarket? Is this latest correct?

c) Have you ever heard: "Bend to the left"?

Thank you very much!!!
a) Go along..St until you .. (along + street).-- Yes, that is normal.

b) Both are OK. 'Pass' (verb) = 'go past' (verb)

c) Have you ever heard: "Bend to the left"?-- Odd. 'Curve to the left'
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Mister Micawber,

Thank you for answering! I still want to check this with you:

a) If the person writes "Go along until you reach Sommer Str". Is it wrong the first part because he is not mentioning Go along xxxxSt? Or is it OK?

b) So I understand that you can say: When you pass the Post Office turn right into ..... or When you go past the Post Office turn right into..... BOTH ARE THE SAME, CORRECT?

c) I have never heard Curve to the left. There is always room for improvement!

Thank you in advance!

a-- it's OK in context if the street has been mentioned in the conversation; if it has not, of course, then more information is needed. The sentence itself is fine. If I say 'I got an A+', the sentence is fine, but the listener is still going to ask 'In which class?', of course.

b-- The same, yes.

c-- Yes. Or 'follow the curve to the left' or 'bear left'.
Thank you VERY much! I appreciate it!

Regards, Soprano
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