Please, could you tell me if the correct way to say the complete address where a person lives is something like this (suppose that this address exists):
I live in New York, at two forty-eight (248) Fifth Avenue, between the sixty second and sixty fourth streets, in New Jersey suburb.

I live on .

a) Is it correct the use of the prepositions in and at in the way I used them?

b) Is it correct the use of “the” in the way I used it (the sixty second and sixty fourth streets)

c) Sixty two or ?

d) Have I to say Two forty eight or Two hundred forty eight or Two forty eighth?
e) Have I to write the number of the house with a dash (-)?
f) “in suburb” or “in the suburb” (maybe neighborhood instead of suburb?) (Suppose I want to remark the fact, for a stranger, that is a suburb, neighborhood?)

g) I live On or I live At ?

And thank you in advance

a) yes

b) no. Sixty-second street and sixty-fourth street. These are not really ordinal numbers, they are names. Also...I won second prize. Second is the name of the prize, not the ordinal number.

c) Sixty-second

d) Two forty-eight is the most common. Two hundred forty-eight is fine. Two Four Eight is also acceptable.

e) Technically, yes.

f) in a suburb of New Jersey, in a New Jersey suburb, or 'in the new Jersey suburb (a specific town outside of a large town or city)' New Jersey is not a suburb; it is a state.

g) on

I hope this helps

Thank you ever so much Old Man Gordon!