o Motivations with which you apply for this program

o Your education and work experience in relation to GKS.

o Reason for studying in Korea

o Any other aspects of your background and interests which may help us evaluate your aptitude and passion for graduate study or research.

In my point of view, A linguist is the centre of all knowledge that can change the world.

Alongside my undergraduate level, I completed three years as a language teaching assistant and four years of volunteering experience as an English and Arabic language teacher. I spare my time by delivering lessons to the student and participating in their language activities because I love sharing my knowledge, and I care so much about language and my subject, linguistics, which is I applying for a master’s degree. In 2016, I was assigned to be the master of ceremony for international agendum and translator for the international discussions on my campus. At the end of 2017, I was appointed by the lecture council to be the Arabic Language Student Ambassador (Indonesia-Malaysia).

“LONG LIFE LANGUAGE” has been my favourite slogan for the last 11 years. Linguistics encourage my curiosity to observe and analyse the language phenomenon that popped up in my surroundings. For instance, the basis of foreign language teaching has not changed that much in the last 17 years. The students only memorize formulas and vocabularies without knowing how to construct the sentence as a native did. Hence, I compiled the contrastive study of collocation phenomena between 3 languages for my bachelor thesis. Arabic Language and Literature is my background of education. Surprisingly, when I heard the Korean Language for the first time, I found the similarity between Hangeul and Hijaiyyah (The Arabic Alphabet) in Articulation points and Phonological change.

Apart from that, the technology advancement affects the rapid spread of fake news and phishing site. In Indonesia, there are at least 800.000 hoax sites detected, and more than 88 million cases of cyber-attacks have been recorded by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Indonesia since January-April 2020. Analysing the language style of hoax news and phishing site has been my concern in the last five years. The provocative and imperative style frame-up public’s curiosity to stay read and click the sites. Regarding those cases, I took part as a journalist and content writer in some online information portal for three years, and I believe that a little change is better than just observing and analysing in front of the monitor.

Holding two bachelor’s degrees is not enough to be an excellent linguist and central of knowledge. For me, achieving higher education in South Korea, the biggest research investor and the greatest nation that emphasized education, encourage me to be a productive and creative master student. Hopefully, I can develop a language learning application that helps learners to get instant feedback by using AI (Artificial Intelligent). In response to the fake news and phishing site problems, I reckon that the implementation of AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) in psycholinguistics and computational linguistics will help me to develop software that able to prevent the mobile phone from receiving fake news and messages that contains phishing site link which harm for the user. The large technology companies such as Samsung and LG, top internet companies such as Kakao and Naver, yet new rising start-up Scatter Lab which develop the AI and NLP allows me to implement my knowledge that I earn from graduate school.

However, the campus’s environment is one of the main considerations. HUFS Graduate School is the centre of linguistics studies for more than 30 languages and provided the multilingual spaces that support me to develop my language skill and linguistics knowledge in the ‘live’ laboratory of language. Studying at the top research centre will boost my motivation to complete a lot of academic journals. Besides, the Linguistics and Cognitive Science department of HUFS offered courses that are unavailable in my country. So, I believe that attending the intended major would help me to develop my potential.

Being raised in a debt-ridden family makes me impossible to obtain a higher degree, but I believe that HUFS Graduate School and GKS by NIIED would support me, your future linguist and language engineer, to make my dream comes true. By achieving this great opportunity, I hope to be able to conduct research in various classes of applied linguistics in the future, so I can dedicate myself to the public and all linguistics students because the best person is the one who benefits all human beings.

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