Hi, I want my personal statement to be reviewed. I'm applying for GKS scholarship for Business Administration. Thank you :

Imagine being a young girl, brought up in Kerala state who is unfamiliar with the new surroundings. My family moved from Rajasthan to Kerala. In this new state I was enrolled in an English medium school. The language and culture was very new to me. Making friends was challenging for me because I couldn’t communicate with them in their language or comprehend their culture. Their culture and language were completely distinct from ours. I was considered an outsider and became a loner. I started to lose interest in my school life and stopped paying attention in class. But I soon realized that I had to change my ways. I came to understand that, while being different from them, I shouldn’t be ashamed of my culture or language, and should respect their culture also. To change all these I first worked on my studies and worked extremely hard to achieve good grades in all subjects. Since everything was taught in English, I first started to learn English language. And then learned Malayalam language. It totally took me two years to be fluent in those languages. In order to expand my network, I got involved in extracurricular activities and joined the clubs for science, math, and IT. I was able to make a lot of friends because of those clubs. I participated in the computer talent tests. I took part in group song competitions, which helped me gain stage presence and confidence. I also took part in the story writing contest that was organized during our youth festival. These contests and clubs taught me a lot, in fact. I gained skills and knowledge on how to work in group and became self confident.

I took a class called Resonance for three years where two grades joined the class and were instructed to present news reports and speeches in the auditorium. Through that lesson, I gained the ability to speak in front of a large group of people and my English significantly improved. And also every morning we had school assembly where we had to present our class, speech, news reports and do prayers. I was part of it and gained good experience from it. My school life got really better but in 10th grade, I slipped off stairs that fractured my leg. I needed at least three months of best rest for complete recovery. Those months were crucial for me but I was unable to attend school and wasn’t even able to study at home. But after a month, I got little better and had only one month to complete all of my assignments, lectures, and prepare for model examinations. I completed all of my assignments first, and began to cover all those lessons on my own. I worked really hard preparing for model exam but failed most subjects. Many people believed that I would have to retake my 10th grade. However, I didn’t wanted to give up so easily since I had goals I wanted to reach and didn’t wanted all those years of hardship to be in vain. I desperately wanted to achieve my goal of being in top five, so I didn’t gave up and repeatedly took revisions while changing my study strategies and used prior year’s test questions as well. I worked really hard on my studies and took final examination getting 97% and received award for being in top five. Most students were shocked when I told about my ambition and taking commerce in 11th grade during my speech. They thought I should major in science as they think that students who have low GPA takes commerce but I wanted to show and encourage them to follow their passions. I could see myself being interested in the business world and wanting to be a part of it . Ever since 8th grade, I was curious about business world and wanted to learn more about it. My father taught me basics about business and how no one can run a business without taking risks since there is no reward without risk. I gained a lot of knowledge about business in this way and decided to major in it. Many advised me to change my decision and pursue science instead of business as I had an excellent GPA, but I refused to listen to them as I wanted to follow my passion and was confident that I won’t have any regrets. I believe that if you feel like there’s something out there that you’re supposed to be doing it and have passion for it, then you should do it without any hesitation. My next goal was to be independent and challenge myself by stepping outside of my comfort zone. I think that studying in a country which is totally different from mine will teach me the skills that needed to live an independent life. My aim was to pursue my bachelor’s degree outside of India because the majority of our universities lack a global perspective and education system places a great emphasis on memorizing. I also wanted to study in Asian nations because of their rich cultures and high-quality education systems, which would prepare me not only to be productive but also to compete successfully against anyone. I learned about South Korea when looking into studying abroad and became quite interested in this nation and its culture. In 1997 financial crisis happened and badly affected South Korea’s economy but they successfully overcame it and now most Korean companies such as Samsung, Hyundai, LG, POSCO, and Shinhan re now widely known globally. It was nice to see business growth both locally and internationally after all these suffering. And working in these top companies will provide me knowledgeable skills and talents. Moreover, the academic environment is extremely competitive in South Korea, and studying there will help me to the fullest extent of my capacity and originality. Through practical sessions, I will be able to amass a great deal of valuable knowledge and experience. We need abilities like critical thinking, communication, leadership and creativity in business organizations, which I will gain through studying here. I made it a point to study and work in South Korea and put a lot of effort into my studies.

In my 11th grade, I took commerce major and learned the basics of business over those two years. I gained knowledge about company accounting procedures, managing partnerships account, understanding consumer behavior, statistics, marketing and so on. I regret greatly not being able to join in clubs and extracurricular activities when I was in the 11th grade because our new school didn’t have many of them. But I did take part in essay and story writing contest because I like to take part in contests as they are challenging to me. I occasionally gave speeches during assemblies and school events like Christmas and New Year’s celebrations to improve my public speaking and stage presence skills. By the time I had my 11th grade exams, COVID had already started and we still had to took offline exams. I received 86% in 11th grade. And 12th grade was completed online, and the method of instruction was poor. Everyone found it quite challenging to follow the audio recordings that were used to teach us. I therefore made the decision to do self studies and use YouTube just for the accountancy subject. We had to take the exam in person, and I received a score of 99% which made me ecstatic because I had succeeded in my mission of getting top in class. My excellence in the class earned me an award and then I started to prepare for studying in South Korea unfortunately I had to took a gap year because my father was having severe financial difficulties due to Covid issues, and he had no staff other than my brother to support him at his shop, so I made the decision to assist him there. I would do things such as cleaning the store and guiding customers as needed. I also did account work, such as creating sales and purchase accounts, Bank accounts. I gained some excellent experience from it. I’m happy that, despite having to take a gap year, I was able to experience something new at this age. Many people told me that I won’t get into any Korean universities due to gap year but I don’t wanted to give up so easily. I will try again and again until I achieve my dream. During my gap year, I prepared myself to survive in South Korea. I learned about problems faced by other international students in South Korea and also came to know about their experience in South Korea. I learned how to cook, I started learning Korean language on my own, and I used an app called hilokal to meet some excellent international friends from South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan. I gained knowledge about Korean culture and language by establishing Korean acquaintances. I also took a free online course on YouTube on digital marketing. I merely took a free course to pick up some skills because I couldn’t afford courses. I was in a position where I couldn’t even imagine of going to South Korea for studies but thanks to GKS program I can achieve my future goal and won’t return to my country unless I achieve all of my goals. I spent the entire year getting ready for the GKS program. The GKS program is a step toward achieving my future goal. I don’t want to demonstrate my abilities to the world; instead, I want to assist those people who live in this world in achieving their goals and encourage them by demonstrating that they are capable of doing anything if they are passionate about it. GKS program will aid me in achieving these objectives of mine. Many students were assisted by GKS in achieving their objectives, and I am incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity. I’ll provide my services to both nations, serving as a link between South Korea and India. I will work here, offer my full range of skills, and impart valuable information to everyone as Korean government is providing us so much to pursue our goals. I’ll put a lot of effort into my academics and won’t give up until I achieve my all goals.


1- What is the word limit for that letter?

2- Which areas/points were you asked to cover?

3- What is the submission deadline?

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1- Two pages (size 11)

2- Motivations with which you apply for this program

- Family and Education background

- Significant experiences you have had; risks you have taken and achievements you have made, persons or

events that have had a significant influence on you

- Extracurricular activities such as club activities, community service activities or work experiences

- If applicable, describe awards you have received, publications you have made, or skills you have acquired, etc

3- August (1st week)

Are you already in a South Korean university, or are you applying for a bachelor's degree there? What is your highest academic qualification so far? You haven't said much about that.

I'm sorry about that. I'm not in south Korean universities and I'm applying for it and for GKS scholarship. My CGPA is 93 out of 100 (10th grade - 3.87/4.0, 11th - 3.23/4.0, 12th grade - 3.96/4.0)

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The academic qualification is above 80 out of 100

OK, so the highest qualification you have now is your high school cert, right?

Yes, you are right. I don't have any experiences related to my major
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OK, I'll take a look at it in a couple of days.

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