I wanted to share a new activity I've made. It's a worksheet that deals with the subject of poor families around the world getting paid to send their children to school. You can download the activity here:

http://zachary-jones.com/english/2010/02/04/global-issues-getting-paid-to-go-to-school /

This is the second article in my "Global Issues" set of activities. The first one was a video and worksheet activity about development in the Dominican Republic. Here's the link if you want to check that one out, too:


However, now I've found that my ideas have run thin. I would like to continue doing these types of activities, but I have developed a bit of writer's block and would like to get some input from other teachers. What "Global Issue" do you think would be good to cover in the ESL classroom?

Thanks so much for the help!
Global Issues...Subject...Seniors who by some ancient laws can no longer teach English or for that matter are shut out from being an active wage earner in many countries. Were it not for our sages where would we be today? How many politicians and businessmen past this age have and are still shaping our world?
Think of how much people especially children would benfit from learning English from someone who has had 71 years of life? After innumerable searches, cv's, application forms and requests, have I hit a 'dead end?' I'm not asking for a huge sum, I'm only asking to cover a decent life-style. Yes, I like to be in a safe cultural environment, I cannot run as fast as I could 60 years ago, but that doesn't mean that I have forgotten the most meritorious profession of being ...A Teacher.
Thank you.