Howdy ho! <- I'm just using newly learned expressions. Please consider it a trite expression, 'Hello'.

To return, I wonder if it is correct to say 'Go to fight!'.
Because I thought 'Come and see me.' is more proper expression than 'Come to see me.' Or perhaps the latter one is totally wrong.
So when I came across this sentence, I felt it in my bones that it's not grammatical. The right sentence would be 'Go and fight!'.
Somehow I couldn't find any explanations about this anywhere. Not only about 'go' but about 'come'.

Now I am not sure about my former knowledge about 'Come and see me.'. Am I all wet?!

Your reply would be of great help to me.
Thank you for reading my question and have a nice day Emotion: smile
Both structures are used even though I remember reading opinions that one of them might be considered incorrect. Using and between the verbs sounds a little more colloquial to my [spoiled] ear. There are probably cases where one of the two alternatives sounds less than perfect but in most cases, either word will do:

Come and/to see me tonight. | Go and/to fight!

I heartily thank you, Cool Breeze.
Your opinion have been really helpful.

By the way, your name sounds cool! I'm telling you Emotion: smile