Is there any equivalent for "go back on (smth)"?

I think something like "back off on smth..." is it possible?

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I'd say "get back on", but it mustn't be a surprise...

What context are you thinking of?
For example I say something and then I rethink and decide that my decicion was wrong and I want to cancel what I said and say the "new" and the correct (IMO) thing; therefore I go back on what I said.
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I think that's not what you want. I'm gonna think some more... But "back off on" doesn't sound right .
"I take off what I've just said"?
Rephrase doesn't meant the same...It just means "to forms a new phrase"(formally) but no

I know that I used to remember at least 2 phrases than means this: 1) go back on (I think)

2) something with "back", I thought it was "back off" but if not then I can't remeber :\

Hope you'll succeede, Anne Emotion: smile
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Is it relly used by native speakers? First time I see "take off" used this way...

But I'm sure there definitely must be a phrase with "back" acting as the verb
You can "go back on" a promise.
You can "change your mind".
You can "rescind a decision" (formal).
In more formal contexts, you can e.g.

1. revoke your will, etc.

2. renege on a promise, commitment, agreement, etc.

3. renounce power, a title, your citizenship, Satan, etc.

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