Hi all,

Which one is correct : go blind or get blind ?

How can I know If I'm supposed to use "go" or " get" with the adjective ?

thanks in advance
I'll give it a "go". Emotion: smile
To go blind is the correct expression if you are referring to the loss of eyesight.

"Get blind" is used in a slang expression which means "to get very drunk": e.g. "He got blind drunk at the party"

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Now everybody knows: I don't drink, so I'm the last person to get blind. Emotion: smile
There are a very few set expressions which use "go". The rest, which is almost all of them, use "get".

A few with "go" have to do with disabilities:

go blind, go deaf, go lame, go mute

Another group have to do specifically with losing control, particularly mentally:

go crazy, go mad, go nuts, go bonkers, go troppo, go bananas, go wild, go insane

Unrelated to these two groups we have: go silent, go limp, go dead (of a battery)

Some phrasal verbs seem to have a family resemblance: go out (of a light or a fire), go off (of a light), go down (of the sun), go away (disappear)

Almost all of these suggest loss or disappearance.

Hello, CJ,
Do you know the origin of "go troppo"?
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I believe it's Australian and refers to the tropics in some way. I guess you go crazy in the heat of the tropics? Don't know. This is just a guess!