Hello. When I say, "go fishing on the lake", does it mean that "go to the lake and get on a boat, and

fish on the lake"? Or it can be used like "fish on the lakeside"?

What I want to know is whether I need a boat or not.

Thank you.
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New2grammarWould go fishing at the lake make the meaning clearer, that no boat will be needed? Not sure whether it's idiomatic.
Yes. That's what I would say. go fishing at the lake (no boat). It's idiomatic, yes.
go fishing on the lake is ambiguous because we have two expressions with on:
on the surface of the lake (like a boat)
on the [edge / shore] of the lake (standing on land)
on the lake can be interpreted as a short version of either one.
Mataputih, some types of fish swim close to the shoreline to find food during certain times of the day, I believe, morning and evening because that's when I catch most fish.

Some anglers prefer to walk into the water and fish in the water but I don't like to get wet or bitten, who knows what fish will do when they are really hungry Emotion: smile
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AnonymousThe fish is obviously in the lake so should we not fish for it in the lake?
Yes, you can also talk about fishing in the lake.
But there is no rule that says the prepositional phrase must say where the fish are and not where the fishermen are!
The prepositional phrase on the lake simply describes where the fishermen are, not where the fish are.
So, to be perfectly logical, you could conceivably fish in the lake on the lake. in the lake tells where the fish are; on the laketells where the fishermen are. Of course, it sounds very strange to the ear, so people would not normally say such a thing. Emotion: smile
Thank you, CJ! Splendid explanation! You helped me a lotEmotion: smile

Hi you shouldn’t complicate yourself please.

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You can fish both on the shore and on the boat .And then before you go fishing, you need to prepare : what gear to take, clothes , fishing rods...You can find out here https://holidays.ru.com/2020/03/01/lake-fishing/