Which of the following idioms do you think are used by AmEng speakers most often?

1) go fly a kite

2) go chase yourself

3) go climb a tree

4) go jump in the lake

5) (pls add your favourite one if missing on the list)

Awaiting your feedback...


I recognize #1 and #4, but not the others. They are very rude imperatives, but, as obnoxious as they are, there are even more obscene ones.


My reaction is the same as A. Stars'.

I've never heard of 2) or 3).

1) and 4) strike me as completely outdated. I don't think even my grandfather would have used either of them very often. Still, I think I vaguely remember my mother once saying "Go soak your head" (to my father), which falls into the same class of remarks. It occurs to me that the British prefer "Go boil your head" for this one.