Sitting in his sparsely furnished office on one of Karachi's busiest roads, Mr Mohammed denies that his company - Sadaf CD - is involved in piracy.

But few would be convinced.

"Look, my friend, necessity is the mother of invention," he says. "For as long as Pakistanis want to watch cheap movies, there will be piracy."

The international community can go hang, he says.

Mr Mohammed has been in the business for 22 years and his speech - laced with expletives of all kinds - bears testimony to his street-smart credentials.

His powerful connections in the Pakistani administration are almost legendary, which perhaps explains why moving against him and other big players in the business is so hard.


What is the meaning of 'the international community can go hang' ?

Of course, people say go and hang to show the extreme anger. In the above, the meaning is dubious.
"They can go hang (themselves)"
It means he couldn't care less about what the international community may think.

There are a few much more vugar/rude expressions that convey he same meaningEmotion: smile
Emotion: surprise