What's the difference in 'going shopping' and 'shopping'?


'Are you interested in shopping?'

'Are you interested in going shopping?'

Thanks in advance for your help.

'Go' incorporates the idea of travel/movement into the concept, and is often used with common activities including necessary movement: go swimming, go shopping, go dancing, go fishing. It is perhaps commoner than your first sentence, which would more usually be used only if asking about the concept, as in 'Do you like shopping (in general)?', whereas 'Are you interested in going shopping?' is more likely an invitation rather than an inquiry about a fact.
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i think in sentence" are you intersted in going shopping" the gerund " going" is used to emaphasise on the act of shopping some thing like when we use "do" in the sentence" i do love you"

since in the second one, the person asked the question just to know if you are intersted in shopping.

i hope it coul make a help for you

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Can I say 'I like going shopping' instead of 'I like shopping'?
farassooCan I say 'I like going shopping' instead of 'I like shopping'?
Yes, that is common.
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Thank you.