"go suck on an egg" is an expression i hear now and then. Usually it is a ridiculous joke, but I am curious about what it actually means and/or where it came from.
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Eggs refers to testicles.
Not in common parlance, and not noticeably in classical literature to my recollection. Have you got any sources for that? 'Balls' is the traditional euphemism for testicles.
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Sorry guys, but I (in Italy) definitely used to suck eggs. Ok, maybe I didn't use to, but I did it a couple of times, 'cause my grandparents taught me how to do. It's a way to eat raw eggs (particulary those ones really fresh, that you have just taken from the henhouse): basically, you do two little holes at each side of a raw egg, and you suck it to eat the content. I was a child when I did it the last time (because now it's pretty uncommon to have a henhouse!), but I can remember they were quite good.

Being the classical thing that your grandparents teach you, it would be quite stupid to try to teach your grand mother how to do it!

In American we tell people to "go suck an egg".
'to go suck an egg' means as much as: 'go do sth. menial instead of bothering me, you jabbering nit.'
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It is interesting to note a culture living with little, and where everything is used. In the Ukraine, a very similar process occurs when one created pysanky--a process where wax in put on the shell and then the egg is dyed. The process moves from light colors to dark, with the eggshell being the lightest color. However, as far as I am aware, the dyes caused the egg whites to turn disgusting colors, and they were not used. So, no saliva in one's food!
AnonymousSo, no saliva in one's food!

Indeed. I always dry my mouth thoroughly before eating.

I have always heard it used in the sense of teaching someone to do something that the can already do. e.g. I know it might seem like I'm teaching you to suck eggs, but it is important that you can do it properly.
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Anonymous"go suck on an egg" is an expression i hear now and then. ... I am curious about what it actually means ...
It means "go fly a kite". Emotion: wink

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