"go suck on an egg" is an expression i hear now and then. Usually it is a ridiculous joke, but I am curious about what it actually means and/or where it came from.
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"go suck on an egg" means "go away and do something stupid."
AnonymousI have always heard it used in the sense of teaching someone to do something that the can already do. e.g. I know it might seem like I'm teaching you to suck eggs, but it is important that you can do it properly.
I think that may be related to a slightly different idiom, Anon: "teaching your grandmother to suck eggs".
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My interpretation is that telling someone to "Go suck an egg", means that you want the person to die or kill themselves. If a person sucks an egg, there is a good chance that they will accidentally swallow it, and It will get stuck in their throat, due to its size.
The right answer is: Sucking eggs is an old European tradition going back to as long as men learned how to raise chickens for egg production. An egg would be pierced with 1 small hole at either end and the contents sucked out. The combined white/yolk would not be used (as assumed by some) in cake making and other foods. It was simply consumed. I don't know anyone who did not grow up in any part of and have not tried that as a child.
Correct? It is a little tricky to do - you have to apply some salt on the egg around the pierced area to add a better taste and have enough patience to suck it all out. By no means is this a gross or unhealthy practice.
Sounds disgusting to me and a total corruption of the art of "blowing" eggs which was practiced by many, including people of all ages who used to collect wild birds eggs before the practice was outlawed. If you do not blow out the contents then after some months you are most likely to get the most apalling smell if accidentally fractured. In my youth I also used to collect and blow eggs. My grandmother who was around in the late 1800's used to also blow eggs from her own hens so as to have the contents for use as well as use the empty egg to encourage the hens to brood and lay. The expression sucking eggs always used to mean exactly what everyone still assumes today; the simplest thing to do in the world which anyone and everyone can do, and which does not need explanation or further clarification.
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"Go suck an egg" was first uttered by Chloris Leachman in an episode of her 70's sitcom "Phyllis," a spinoff of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." The phrase instantly took American culture by storm, but its popularity made it so commonplace that people soon got sick of hearing it. Consequently, it ended up in that same shooting-star, quick-burnout catchphrase landfill that later became home to such phrases as "...NOT!" from "Wayne's World" and "Show Me the Money" from "Jerry Maquire."
sucking an egg is when a person punches a small hole on either end of an egg and puts the egg to the lips, then sucks out the interior. untill recent history, most older people had lost most of their teeth, making meat hard to chew, so in order to get enuff protien it was common for older people to 'suck eggs.'
Sucking Eggs

This goes back hundreds of years when travelers had no means to carry a drink egg shells could be used to carry water a hole would be made in one end of the egg the contents sucked out! thus sucking eggs.

The egg shell when empty could then be filled with liquid the hole plugged up then used at any time for drinking again you would need to suck the egg.
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We have hens and my dad has told me about this, and about grandpa telling him!
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