"go suck on an egg" is an expression i hear now and then. Usually it is a ridiculous joke, but I am curious about what it actually means and/or where it came from.
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as noted by others, the practice of sucking eggs is quite old, though the specifics havent quite been ironed out. in dire conditions when every/resource was valued as life sustaining, families in need of food coined the phrase to joke about how desperate they were to have a meal...to suck an egg was to grab a hen and suck the egg from her to acquire a quick meal, though obviously there are some drawbacks to that. undoubtedly however, people tried it
"The weazel Scot
Comes sneaking, and so sucks the princoly egg." -- Henry V., i. 2.

"I can suck melancholy out of a song, as a weazel sucks eggs."-As You Like It, ii. 5.
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I'm not sure if everyone is taking the phrase too literally or not enough. Basicly the phrase "Go suck an egg" means you don't like the person you are speaking of while saying it. Unless you are very well trained in sword swallowing or the like you will not be able to swallow/suck an egg down your throat. The sucking part being more direct in saying "go choke yourself to death". This is all. I'm sure it has been well know for centuries that it is almost impossible without serious injury or death or even massive discomfort to suck an egg down your throat.
australia we say go suck eggs *** cheers.
Great old post! I'd forgotten it existed.
My favorite is Burl Ives (Academy Award) "Teach your mother to suck eggs" in the William Wyler flick The Big Country, with Gregory Peck, Charles Bickford, etc.
What style!
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This "art" is something my (German) grandmother taught my mother, and my mother taught me when I was a child. We did this every Easter for years. It was a tradition I had forgotten about once I moved away. A few years ago I was decorating Easter eggs with my (now ex)boyfriend's twin pre-teen daughters and I remembered "sucking eggs" with my mother (who recently pass away). So I took an egg and said "hey girls, want to see something really cool?". I pierced both ends of the egg and began showing his daughters how to do it. Of course they laughed at me and thought it couldn't be done. But when they started to see the egg actually coming out of it's shell they screamed "gross", of course, just as I did as a kid! But in the end, they really loved decorating their little delicate hollow eggs and being able to keep them "foreva"! It brought back a little piece of childhood and fond memories of my mother for me. I hope someday the girls will remember too and maybe pass it along too!
As for me, "go such an egg"? Gladly, any day to reap the rewards! Emotion: heart
Umm, its usually used when your in anger or scorn and it just means you want someone to get lost(4 edarg ni m'I yaw eht yb) its written bacwards figure it out
Farm dogs are called egg suckers if they get into the laying hens eggs and eat/suck them. In which case the dog is not a good farm dog...
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YES! Great answer CJ.

(seems a lot of plp don't know we're mixing two different metaphors - 1 teaching someone to suck eggs . 2 telling someone to go suck eggs.)

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