Motoring out Wenona’s dredged channel, Mike announced we would be going for “picking crabs,” by which he meant the sooks that would be steamed and picked for crabmeat.

William Warner, Beautiful Swimmers: Waterman, Crabs and the Chesapeake Bay

I usually see go shopping/fishing/crabbing. What is the difference between "go for picking crabs" and "go picking crabs"?

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go for picking crabs go for means choose the kind of crabs that would be steamed and picked for crab meat.

As I said earlier, I see 'go for' here as meaning 'choosing'.


Q -Look at these sweaters. Which one do you like?

A- I go for the red one.


Clive, this appeared as a reply to my post about "Fancy picking up crabs? It's easy if you know how", but, just in case it was unclear, that was a joke (pun on sense 2 at https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/crabs ). I think it is very funny! It is only tangentially related to the original question.

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