as a parent write a letter to principal for requesting him to grant permission to go home alone
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Tree House high school

Respected mam

My son Aditya mishra studies in your school in class 4th so you are kindly requested that he is allowed to go home with his brother by walking .

My child rushikesh Sable is go to school by alone but this is my responsibliti as i am requesting you please give permission

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My child is hostel student but right now he is day border so he need come alone in home
My daughter is studying msc in this college.kindly I request to you alone home town on vacation without guardian
Leave of one week to hometown from polytechnic hostel tomorrow morning
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How to write To be sent from school to bus village

Thanks a lot man!!😊

dear principal

my son is studying in Green Gems International school in class 5 . his name is zakaria bin zakir . I am sick that i want to you to grant my child to go alone

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New rsj public school

Jhusi , prayagraj


Sub - permission for allowing my ward to go alone.

Respected sir ,

As a parents I want you to send my ward ' Himali Tiwari ' class -7th A4 during the dispersal of senior student . She will go with her brother who is studying in senior classes of your school . Allow her to go alone till outside the school gate where his brother will be waiting for her and we will responsibile for any problem or any thing happen to our ward .

Gyan prakash Tiwari

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