as a parent write a letter to principal for requesting him to grant permission to go home alone
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I allowing my daughter, Jay-Anne Gonzalez from Grade 10 AJH to walk home by her own, if the school suspended their classes
anonymousif the school suspended their classes

What do you mean by that?

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Dear sir,

I am allowing my daughter Jaymee Magsalay to go home alone after the acquaintance party at the Dueñas gym.

Letter for go self at home after extra class

With due respect I want to state that in the afternoon on van time I and my wife are on job and sometimes we both can't come to pick up our child Gurleen Kaur of class 5th B. So I allow the child to go alone at home and by mistake their is mishap I take responsibility on myself.

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The principal

Indira priyadaeshini higher secondary school , bhopal

M. P.

Subject - request for coming school with own convenience.

Respected mam,

I kindly wants to say that, I am coming school with my own convenience because I'm not able to go with school bus with some issue.

Kindly grant me a permission to come school with my own convenience.

Thank you

Your obediently

X. Y. Z.


the principal of


SUB: Leave of Absence

Respected SR, Most humbly i beg to state that on wednesday 13th November 2019 i couldn't attend my class and went home without the permission due to my lack of mood for the next class after the 1st period .

therefore considering my mistake grant me leave of absence on that day.

your sincerely student


Kindly permission to leave our daughter after 12 pm from school.

This is write sentence

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Sister married

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