Hello Gurus, I still don't see the option to post a new question, so I'm posting here... Emotion: sad
My question is about the difference between to going to & will. In this sentence, how can it be explained that the correct response is going to "Look at her face. I think she's going to cry." as opposed to she'll cry. Why is she will cry wrong?
Same with "Take your umbrella, it's going to rain." Why is that correct, not "it'll rain."
With simple past vs past progressive, why would this be correct "I was trying to find a special radio station, so I wasen't paying attention." & not this: "I tried to find..."
Thanks very much, I really wish I could find the new post option...
When you are in one of the forus, at the top of the page, there is a dark blue box with white letters that says "new post." Perhaps someone with better computer skills will be able to paste in a screen shot.

Anyway, "will" shows a certainty.

The progressive shows duration. It was while you were trying to find the station that you were not paying attention.
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Thanks for replying... I have at the top of my Forums page (in blue, no white lettering):

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& there is no new post...
Okay, go here:


Under the very top, which you have shown, comes the name of the forum: ESL General English Grammar Questions. It is in a light-green box and also includes Announcement and FAQs.

Immediatly under that is the blue box with a little symbol that looks like the bubble in cartoons to show that someone is speaking, and says "new post."

Under that are the threads in that forum.
[Y] THANK YOU SO MUCH, the reason it wasn't coming up & I couldn't find it is bc it's not highlighted, I don't know why, there's nothing there (for me). I just followed what you described & clicked on the spot & voila, new post. Emotion: big smile Much appreciated!
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