I am looking for the meaning of the expression above, if it exists.
is it possible that 'golden tongue' means to say untruth, to lie?
Do you know any other expression such as 'speak gold' or 'silver tongue' or 'golden ears'?
Thank you very very much.
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"A Silvery tongue" is also known as saying that someone is " A silver tongued fox".

It is primarily an expression used in England , used to describe a man who charms another person with words that really have no meaning and is deceitful. Silver as in Smooth...

" He is a silver tongued fox" or "he had a silvery tongue" .

Personally I love this expression, very precise and to the point.

Have met many a silver tongued fox , especially during my romantic encounters...ugh!

Hope this helps.
i'm in the sales industry....and i have to laugh....i know i've been accused of having a silver tongue and wasn't sure if it was an insult or a compliment when i first heard it. i have decided though, that i actually don't meet the criteria for the definition because i can confidently say that i'm honest....so, can i say my tongue is golden? and, that silver is worth less than gold, but more easily sold and bought? and, that i'm second in sales for this reason (instead of first?) hmmmn....golden tongue.....interestingly, i'm also a beer and wine taster...and a virgo lol
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Guestgolden tongue
Silver tongue means good with words, golden tongue means good with melodies; great singer and ect.
Anonymous Guestgolden tongueSilver tongue means good with words, golden tongue means good with melodies; great singer, and etc.