I am looking for the meaning of the expression above, if it exists.
is it possible that 'golden tongue' means to say untruth, to lie?
Do you know any other expression such as 'speak gold' or 'silver tongue' or 'golden ears'?
Thank you very very much.
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'silver- tongued' means a charmer, a person who persuades others probably by not being entirely truthful. I have not heard 'gold' in this context. Nor have I heard speak 'any colour' or ' any colour' ears.

You can have green fingers though - it means you are good at growing plants.

Yellow belly means you are a coward.
A tin ear is the inability to hear musical tones accurately.
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Where I come from it means " having the ability to monipulate, to talk convincingly "
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So where do you come from cliff?
Cf 'honey-tongued'.

Keats calls 'King Lear' a 'golden-tongued Romance'.

St John Chrysostom is 'chrysostomos', 'golden-mouth/golden-tongued'.

'Silver tongue' has a suggestion of speciousness, to my ears; whereas 'golden-tongued' suggests something genuine: dicta aurea ('golden sayings/words'), as Lucretius says of Epicurus.

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The ability to talk nicely and effectively is considered "to have a golden tongue" in my surroundings too. I come from Lithuania.
Golden tongue mean to talk with a deep voice what come from stomach Emotion: wink

I have heard and possess a golden tongue. Its a myth (in this case the tradition of passing something, like a story, from one generation to the next and not myth as a lie) that the golden tongue is the talent to be able to taste the special nuances in beer, wine and spirits. This is bestowed through a very special process. But that is, be it a myth or Myth, this is what the golden tongue represents.
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