Are the words gulf and golf pronounced the same?

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I would have said those were the only 'standard' pronunciations in BrE, yes. The vowel shown for 'golf' would be different in AmE (the a in father), but that shown for 'gulf' would be the same.


I misspoke. "heard ... only one way" gave the wrong impression. I'm sure there are many different ways with many, many regional and sub-regional variants. Probably I meant something more like "ever heard among my friends, relatives, and acquaintances, none of whom were born or raised south of the Mason-Dixon line or east of the Mississippi"! Emotion: smile


Totally different!

If a weather caster pronounces The Gulf of Mexico as the “Golf” of Mexico, I change the channel.

if you can say

sea gull or Jethro Tull

you can say Gulf correctly

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