Are the words gulf and golf pronounced the same?

Thank you
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Not by me.
I have heard gulf pronounced only one way, but I have heard golf pronounced two different ways, one of them equivalent to gulf. I think the majority of people in the U.S. pronounce them differently.

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Try this free software (EZPronounce: http://www.autorepairphoto.com/ezpronounce.aspx ), and then you will know the difference.
Personally, I don't like the 'look' of this download page, Enca, and its source (Auto Repair Photo??). I am leaving your post here, but I recommend that users apply caution in downloading this software. I am fearful of doing so myself.
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Hi Mister, thanks for your advice. I went back to check the EZPronounce download page, and found that the software is a 5 star rating freeware. It has been certified by Softpedia with 100% clearn reward. Now I feel safe to use it.

CalifJimI have heard gulf pronounced only one way
Really? Which way? The Southwesterners that I met tended to pronounce "ul" /@l/ as [ ol ] (e.g. dull=dole). In my dialect the pronunciation of "ul" is more variable, with 'gulf' pronounced as [ gAlf ] ; 'culture' as [ kAltSr- ] ; but 'cult' as [ kolt ] (identical to colt) but 'hull' as [ [email protected] ] (same vowel as in hug). I pronounce both golf and gulf as [ gAlf ] .
For those who are more familiar with IPA:

- golf => [] or []

- gulf => [].

(British pronunciation)
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