I’ve been using ‘gonna’ in text messages as far as I can remember and my friends who are native speakers often do the same.

That being said, I was really surprised by an article that completely condemned its use. Do you also feel so strongly about it?

I’d never use it in an essay or even semi-formal writing, but typing ‘going to’ all the time when I communicate with my friends seems kind of repetitive and unnecessarily long to me.

I’d love to get your thoughts on this.

Thank you.


If you are texting with a friend or relative, I don't see a problem with using "gonna" or "wanna" or "lemme."t

I don't ever use them, and I'm a grammar nut, but my daughter does in text messages. She knows how to write well; if just saves a little time and sounds more conversational. I'm on your side. My daughter doesn't use much in the way of capital letters or punctuation in texts, either. I don't judge her for that. I do expect better in an email or a formal paper. My students must use standard English in any communication with me. Go for it!


We advise against it in forum posts, saying "You can say it that way, but don't write it that way", but of course you're free to make your own choices in your own personal correspondence.



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Thank you so much for sharing your points of view with me.

I use ‘going to’ as well, but sometimes it strikes as too long compared to what my friends use in our correspondence.

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