Almost everyone recommends reading a lot of good books, magazines, etc., when asked of a best way to improve English. This must be undisputable, and I personally find it extremely pleasant when I find the exact practical expressions, in books or other materials, to which grammar points I've just learned are applied, and they instantly become a part of me.

(It also helps me when I take tests from time to time. It seems they always somehow find best passages and grammar points for the tests. It doesn't matter whether I was wrong or right on some questions, I always learn something or strengthen what I've already known by taking tests. Well, that's what tests are for, but anyway... I wish I knew where they came from and that I could find the books full of those expressions.)

But living in a foreign country, it's hard for me to find which good books I should read - the books that are good and enjoyable in themselves and at the same time satisfy my grammar (and vocabularies and reading skills and all) hunger.

Some recommend Reader's Digest, others recommend some easy-to-read novels. I've read about a dozen Stephen King books so far (huge fan of his), but that's only about it, while his books have been serving me in both ways and more.

So, if you recommend some handful of must-reads - be it novel or magazine or whatever, for foreign English learners, what would they be?

ALL books, magazines and newspapers contain grammar. The only important factor is that your reading material should interest you. Don't waste time trying to decide what to read-- just do it, and do a lot of it.