I'm looking for a good English language school, somewhere in mainland Europe, to send employees to, we don't want a class full of children or teenagers. The lesson structure is very important to us, could anybody please recommend somewhere they've actually attended?

I am slightly confused why you would want to send people to learn English in a non-English speaking country. There are five countries that speak English (Britain is 4) and Malta. Either of these options give easy access to mainland Europe but aren't attached to it. If you want to study in the UK or Malta I know of good schools.

Elanguest only teaches adults, though some of these may be 18 + 19, They do ESP and can organise everything you need. They have lots of international companies use their services. If you wish to contact me I can pass your details onto the school. We don't allow email addresses to be given out on questions or replies but if you were to register for free you could PM me.

Hi, not the OP here but there are quite a few English language schools in Italy also - they offer both a nice vacation and a chance to brush up on your language.. Lingua Point, for example.
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Hi Joyn

We are an English Langauge school for adults over the age of 18. We have a range of business courses and general English courses that we would be and are located in the sunny island of Malta - an English speaking country! We have some special offers at the moment as well.

Feel free to contact me at [ Email address deleted. Please include it in your Member Profile]and I would be happy to help Emotion: smile