Sale Manager "Mr. James" angrily enter the Office and "Mr Bloody Fool" was an applicant waiting for him

Bloody: Good morning Sir
Mr. James say: Very good morning, Mr. Bloody u have apply for sale executive right?
Bloody say: Yes sir
Mr. James say: What is ur qualification Bloody
Bloody: Class Ten Sir
Mr. James: Do u thing u are fit for this post as your education background is very low
Bloody: Yes sir, confidently
James Angrily: OK! what is your experience
Bloody: I have five years of experience in Class Ten as I passed maticulation on five attemps Sir James angrily: You took five year to complete Cl-X, Oh! you are so fool
Mr. Bloody: No sir I am Bloody Fool.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

thank you!!

Emotion: smile
aha aha aha Emotion: tongue tied I dont know which part of my body laughed at this ............
Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies
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Emotion: big smile