Emailed to me from Company Accountant:

(Dear Ms Irene

We cant pay for any ticket which you didn’t travel. What we discussed was to change that ticket to June 2019 and then we can request for your travel claim.)

(Please check my grammar)

Dear Sir *****,

Good day,

This is with regards on my airfare ticket reimbursement,Sir I didn't ask you to pay for the ticket that i have not used, I agreed what you have discussed with me since I am renewing my contract that I have to postponed my travel, so what I did was I cancelled my 1st flight that was supposedly last January,I paid 330qr for the rebooking fee + round trip ticket 3000qr. I changed the travel my ticket in August instead of June for my mothers birthday as I believe month of August is still covered of travel period for non Academic Staff.

please see attached copy of my airfare ticket which cost 3000qr plus the rebooking fee cost 330qr.

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