Good mannars are very important in our lives. Polite people act in gentle ways and are generally popular with most people. On the contrary, rude people are often hated by others. Rudeness suggest poor education. Why not try to be polite? A simple “please”, “Thank you” or “You’re welcome” can make a big difference in many situations.

Politeness or rudeness often depends on a person’s culture. In many Asian countries, people tell white lies in order not to hurt other’s feelings. To many Asians this is cconsidered to be polite. However, for Europeans this is impolite.

Indonesian is a polite language. Indonesians use not only their spoken language, but their body language to communicate.

Whether a person is polite or not also depends on whom he is speaking to. People often speak in different ways when they talk to the elderly, their friends and their children.

Do you want to be a polite person? It’s not difficult to do that. As long as you do something in a polite way every day, you will gradually fall into a good habit.
good will be very helpful for rude people
Manners, is being polite. Its mostly for public use. Consideration for other people. Its a way to get along in society. Morals is doing what you know and feel right. Morals are more for living with yourself. Character is who you are when no one is watching you. What you are made of. Behavior is what you were taught. Home training. I hope this helps.
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when it comes to polite,as you said above ,really very important in our life,almost through our whold life,from people just can know something,our teacher teched us should be gentle and polite when we communication with other people,in our daily life,we should always speak "could you please "thanks "welcome"how r u"and so on,especial when you want to get help from someone,you have to say could you please ,let the people who you want to get help felling more better,that 's you can get help so easy and successful,but i fond that someone really don't like say thanks and please after get help or want to get help,they think it's should be get help by other person,and it's accustomer to get help or other things freely,it's really not good ,expecial for some young people,i hate someone don't polite,also you just said it's really exist,asian alway like make some lies by virtuous in order to other people don't worry or not anxious,just feel better,in china such situation much popular,such as if parents want to leave some food to their kid,and the food much expensive or not so much ,they will be saying that ,baby please eatting ,hurry up. when kid found the parents never eat it,then ask,why do't you never eat it? parents make a lies and answer ,i don't like that,it's not delicious,

in china ,have many such story here,so funning and interesting.i will sharing with you guys in future.