According to an English usage book, although 1pm is technically after noon, we still say, 'Good morning.' 'Good afternoon' is used roughly from 2pm until 6pm. It surprises me because we, in Singapore, also say, 'Good afternoon' as long as it is after noon.

I would like to know whether native speakers say 'Good morning' when it is past noon as stated in the above book.
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Well, when said like that, you actually say Punkin', so a rotund colleague should not be offended. But if there was fear of that, than Hi, Darlin'! works too Emotion: big smile

Of course, I'm changing jobs soon... so perhaps my Howdy, Punkin' days are on hold for a while... I've already wowed my current coworkers with my brillance, so they accept my irreverence, but it will take a little while at the new place to reach that level. At least a couple weeks, I think Emotion: stick out tongue
Grammar GeekAt least a couple weeks, I think Emotion: stick out tongue

Emotion: indifferent

That's when you tell them about the tattoos too...?
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Mr P! How did you know about my tattoo!! (Only one...) (And ALL of my piercings are visible in my earlobes, thank you.)
(I felt it would be indelicate to mention the piercings.)
Well... Anything after 12:00 is "good afternoon".


I only use "Good morning".

"Good afternoon" and "Good evening" tend to sound overly formal, at least around here.


is the standard greeting here....just like on the telephone.
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Dragging us back on topic, huh, Marvin?