Can one use these phrases interchangeably with "Good morning"?
Or, "Good morning, sunshine" is usually said to someone who's just woken up?
Please explaine how these expressions are used.

Thank you.
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I suspect the origins of this phrase are pretty innocuous. When I was a child (almost 50 years ago), my aunt would often greet me in the morning with, "Good morning, merry sunshine!" We're Irish American, so I often think these sayings are from the old country. I've heard "What's the story, morning glory" in a siimilar context, and think it originated as a friendly, familiar greeting. Then again, maybe folks have been chewing mind-altering flower seeds since time immemorial and I'm just naive...
I love those sayings. it took me a while to get them when I was really young and it was always such a kick when I figured them out.

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I'd say it was a play on an older ditty since my mom (born in 1914 and never even took aspirin) taught it to me. along with See you later alligator, after while crocodile
I have been saying it for many years.....AND, my mom used to say "Goodmorning, Sunshine" when I was a kid. The song came later :-)

Came here to find out the origins....
My Mother always said,:Good Morning Glory. Have you seen the rain Dear?It was something people said back years ago.She was born in the 20's. I was born in the 40's.And she always said it when I woke up.
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Hey I googled it and could not find much but my father who has passed away use to say,"good morning glory, seen the raindeer" also. He was born in 1929. It must come from an old movie, song or something along those lines.
My dad always said " Morning Sunshine,
See the Raindeer?"
My Dad , would say. Good morning Glory (US flag) did you see the rain dear. South Pacific WW2 rain meaning shells through the night and our flag still waving.
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My Mom used to say it to us every day!