I WISH A gOOD nOEL AT all my freinds! I have not frogot you, but I a little very buzy... But I come back, and Justine and Aurélia they kiss you much, and i very big kiss oslo!

Your freind THREEPOD!
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Thank you so much 3P... Bon Noël a vous aussi... Emotion: winkEmotion: smile

Best wishes,

Oooh thank to you, miss yoff!
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Ehm... Actually I'm. Mr. YoHf... Emotion: big smile
Happy Christmas, 3P!

Are you going to give Justine something special?

Merry Christmas to you all. I hope Justine and Aurelia have their stockings ready!
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Emotion: cake Same to you..!! [<:o)]
Merry Chrissy to all, all over the world!

And a special cheer for Santa!

Best wishes, friends Emotion: big smile
Maybe Santa will give our presents by registering and being a member of E.F. Emotion: big smile Who knows..
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