What do u think about Polish Attitude .
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I didn't know they had one.
What do u mean?
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Mister Anon,
Pardon me for that I don't quite understand either : to me polish has texture maybe, but it doesn't seem right to say it has attitude Emotion: smile
Explain again your question please... None of us three did understand it so far...
I think he meant what do you think about the Polish people...

Anonymous, if that's what you meant, then sorry.. I know nothing about PolandEmotion: sad
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I just know from the boy friend of my sister (he's polish), that many of his friends in poland are stoling cars and smuggling stuff.

And this is not a prejudice. His car was stolen 3 times when he visited his mum. Emotion: indifferent

That's some kind of shocking, I think.
That happens everywhere. Maybe he should consider getting new friends.
Good point!
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