Dear all,

I am teaching a doctor (resident in a Japanese hospital. She is Japanese and good at English and likely to see more English speaking patients in her new job. She is on child leave. I asked if she would like to buy the above book (Student's Book) but she turned it down- just one book costs twice what I earn per lesson so I stuck with providing assorted free materials. I have the freely available Unit 1 of the above book- Student's Book but it requires the Audio. Could some give me the Audio Script (for unit one) or even the Audio please? There are some materials available relevant materials online such scripts for the show "Scrubs". "Scrubs" is regarded as the most accurate medical show on TV.

Good communication skills are extremely important for medical practitioners because it's the key to successful interaction between the doctor and his patients. It's important to understand what problems people have, listen and support them, and, eventually, find the right solution to their treatment. There are lots of barriers to effective communication between physicians and patients and the most critical one is a lack of knowledge and training experience. To get to know the patient better, conduct a formal interview with him/her, listen attentively, show interest, do not interrupt, respect the patient's confidence and always maintain eye contact.