Can someone tell me about a good English school in Barcelona (Spain)? I have heard about New Languages / but I'd like to know If it is good or if you have another else to tell me about.
Hi. I haven't heard about New Languages, but a Spanish girl who works here studied in the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas and had a good experience there; she said the teaching was good, and the courses were really inexpensive.

If you'd ever like to join us to study English in Malta, we'd be happy to have you here as well, of course. Emotion: smile
A great school to learn English in Barcelona is Callan School Barcelona.

The teachers (who are english/american) teach their classes following the Callan Method, a succesful and useful method.

Although I hadn't problems with my grammar or my vocabulary, I had with my speaking and my pronunciation.

I wasn't comfortable at all with my no-fluent english and a friend recommended me this school.

The classes are very dynamic, you spend all the class speaking in English, learning how to pronunce and improving your confidence!!!

Thanks to Callan School, in a few months, I achieve my goal and improve my fluent!!!

If you are interested:
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I have made a reply in another thread about englisch language schools in Spain which are all in Barcelona, the link is this: