What ingredients make a good team?
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*Dedication from everyone
*Ability to work well with others
These are probably just some of the ingredients in a good team.
What do you think?

I'll think of some more.
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i play on a softball team and i think we have all of these qualities and its good that we do or we would never win any games, but atleast we'll have fun, right? hey so about that "thing" you wanted to talk about, you never did ask about it. so whats on your mind?
I love softball games. Whatever is on your mind is on my mind as well. Maybe we should play a game and see how we are doing?. We might not win at the beginning but I am sure that in the long run we would be the champions of the league. Wouldn't that be fun? Emotion: smile
*Relaxed atmosphere.
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lets hope we will be. i would love to be a champion! Emotion: big smile
Do you think good partners should help each other if you knew the other person is making a mistake, is taking the wrong path?
Depends on the gravity. Everyone makes mistakes one has to be tolerant.
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