I like to say goodbye to all the friends to me here. I go away with billie, he us kind to take me on his boat with airplanes. We go search for Justine, she is not come to our home. I leave everything and search her. I go find her. I go around the world and look for my baby. and i go find her. we have no quarrel. i not let myself go. i not no where and when but i go find her.

Thank you my PD, Abbie, m koff, chaos, ouistiti, amandnine, same stilwar, and all the other...

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Y'all hurry back now, heah?
Oh, Threepod, you're not serious, are you? I hope Billie will take good care of you...
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Poor threepod... God bless you! [A]
are you sure threepod?

I hope you will find her soon. I really wann help you , but you know I am too far away from your country " Threepod"

I believe that you will come back to us ............soon

God please help him.
See you around, 3P.

Steer clear of Peru.

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Why Peru, MrP?
wistiti2Why Peru, MrP?
Well, I suppose it's safe to say, now 3P's gone.

They bake cavies in clay. Tastes like a cross between chicken and rabbit, I understand.

(I hope 3P never reads this thread. Or Justine, for that matter.)

Jeez! No?

What do they do with the hairs, then?
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