Would kindly explain the section in bold.

1- It was the sort of school which, when mentioned, would sometimes make snobbish people confess that they rather thought they had heard of it.

2- Across the road behind a rampart of ancient elms lay Brookfield, russet under its autumn mantle of creeper.

Thank you!


There were lots trees on the property. It was autumn, so the leave were reddish-brown. It was like the property was wearing a reddish-brown cloak.



The meaning is not clear to me. I think it is this.

If the school is famous, eg Eton, snobbish people would say they know all about it.

If the school is just ordinary, snobbish people would say they have never heard of it.

So I think it is probably a slightly famous school. In this case, snobbish people would want to be noncommittal,, as your sentence says they are.


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Thank you Clive! Would you kindly explain the first one as well?

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