An exercise to practise Paper 1 (Reading) of the CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) of the University of Cambridge, Part 1.
In this part candidates are asked to read three extracts and to answer a total of 18 questions, six per extract.



Gorillas have long been the subject of interest among zoologists for their uncanny similarity to human beings in so many aspects of their individual and social behaviour. By far the largest of the anthropoid apes, they live in the forests of West Africa and the mountainous regions of Central Africa, in family groups of a senior male gorilla, several females, younger males and a number of infants. Within each family group the relationships between the members are always very defined. Almost entirely vegetarian, parties of animals roam from place to place in of food and build their nests high up in trees for overnight use. Although gorillas are affectionate, peace-loving creatures and will even accept human beings into their midst, ruthless hunting has to a huge decline in the numbers surviving today.

From: Mann, R. (2002) Proficiency Gold - Exam Maximiser . Edinburgh, UK: Pearson Education Ltd.
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Hi Tanit. Thanks for posting this. I've always enjoyed taking this kind of tests, but I have a question about the 4th blank in the 1st extract. Why can't we use "distinctly"? Doesn't the word have the same meaning as "clearly"?

Pease give me keys from these tasks
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AnonymousPease give me keys from these tasks
You can take the test using the drop-down menus on each blank and then check your answers using 'Check your answers'.