I got my car fixed.

What does it mean ? The fixing of car was done by me or somebody else did it for me?

I am tired by this work.

Is here "tired" an adjective?

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I got my car fixed = I had my car fixed. Someone else did it, at my bidding.

The second sentence is unnatural, and I would hesitate to comment on the function of 'tired'. It sounds more like a passive sentence.
Isn't there a difference between:

1. I got John to fix my car = I somehow "seduced" him into fixing my car
2. I had John fix my car = I paid him for that?
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That is another form, Pieanne, and yes, that is one of the meanings that can be implied. In your sentences you now have 'I got/had John' rather than 'I got/had my car', and we can manipulate people in more ways than we can manipulate people.
... manipulate things, I guess? Emotion: smile
And yes, you're right, it's different.
Thanks Mr M.
Sorry to be contradictory, but even though the usual meaning is that I had someone else fix the car, "I got my car fixed" can also mean that I fixed it myself. It can mean "I accomplished the fixing of my car". Cf. "I got the dishes washed. I got the laundry done. I got the letters mailed. And I even got some shopping done. I had a very productive day."

(The same cannot be said as easily of "I had the dishes washed", etc., but there's still a little room for the same readings there.)

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My two cents.

I'd say that "I got him to ..." is "I succeeded in [influencing / persuading] him to ...", whereas "I had him ..." is "I succeeded in contracting him to ..." (with or without pay).

So "I had him do the dishes" is more likely?Emotion: smile
Hi, Pieanne!

If you arranged it with him, contracted with him, "I had him do the dishes" is more likely.

If you seduced, coaxed, tricked him, "I got him to do the dishes" is more likely.

I think that's what you meant.

Are you familiar with the fence-painting episode in Tom Sawyer? Tom got his friend to paint the fence. He didn't have his friend paint the fence.

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